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The North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology (NACCT) is the largest clinical toxicology meeting in the world. This event provides ongoing education in clinical toxicology for more than 700 of the world’s leading clinicians, scientists, poison center staff, and executives. Attendees include clinicians and research scientists from poison centers, industry, academia, and regulatory agencies.

NACCT Main Congress Objectives

  • Examine unique patient characteristics to create patient-specific treatment strategies for poisonings.
  • Identify the environmental and global public health impact of e-cigarette products.
  • Describe the unique pharmacology and toxicology of medications used in transgender medicine.
  • Discuss the novel cancer treatment agents CAR-T cell and checkpoint inhibitors.
  • Discuss the pharmacology and toxicology of cannabidiol.
  • Examine pharmacogenomics and its application to the patient care setting.
  • Review the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in poisonings, current research methods and therapies available to treat patients with mitochondrial poisonings.
  • Examine the ability of acetaminophen-aminotransferase products to predict hepatotoxicity following acetaminophen overdose.


Click on the CE Evaluations tab. Then, simply complete an evaluation for each session you want to claim CE credit for. There is also an overall evaluation you can take as well.

If you have paid for CE credit, please remember to complete your online speaker evaluations at the end of each session. Upon completion of evaluations, print out a copy of your Certificate of Attendance for your records. If you have not paid for CE credit and would like to do so, please contact NACCT.

To obtain continuing education credit, evaluations must be completed after each session. Individuals who do not complete the evaluations by the October 14, 2020 deadline will not be able to receive continuing education credit through NACCT due to accreditation submission policies.

*Your CE certificate/transcript for this conference can be accessed any time by clicking on CE Transcripts under My Account.

If you have questions about your CPE credits or did not receive credit for a session you attended, please contact Leigh DeLaTorre at ldelatorre@cforums.com or 925-361-4813.

NOTE: The virtual evaluations expire on October 14, 2020, and the enduring on-demand evaluations expire on September 14, 2021.