Vickie Dance MS

Vickie has a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science/Cardiac Rehab. No surprise, work in cardiac rehab inspired her to focus more on the prevention side of this healthcare issue. As a result, she spent the next 15 years focusing on health education in a number of corporate settings (Kraft Foods, etc.). Her love of community service and health education motivated her and her husband to fulfill a life long dream (Vickie's!) of joining the Peace Corps which they did as their extended honeymoon from 2002-2004 in the Republic of Kiribati (central Pacific). The Peace Corps taught her the importance of harnessing, empowering and utilizing the trusted voices within the different communities. Her desire to continue her work in the nonprofit, prevention, public education field led her directly to the IL Poison Center.Since the Fall of 2004, Vickie has been the Public Education Mgr. for the IL Poison Center focusing on volunteer and community partner organization recruitment, education, engagement, management and recognition as well as public education in the form of online education and a variety of electronic formats: blog, website, social media, etc. She and her position continue to evolve and thrive!